feste, the fool?

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  1. Feste must have been in Olivia’s household for a long time since he was well favored by Olivia’s father. he also seemed close to Olivia and Mary, this is suggesting that they have known each other for quite a while.
  2. To me Feste is not a carefree fool with no trouble. He might seem that on the outside but hiding all other emotions besides happiness is part of his job. A fools job is to entertain people and make them feel better in hard times, but Feste does this meanwhile teaching his audience(Olivia)something. He is almost like an adviser who is quick with his tongue and entertaining. You cannot say he is carefree because every word that comes out of his mouth could get him fired or worse.
  3. Feste definitely has a brain. He has a lot of wits since he talked back to his employer and make fun of her but still did not get fired. He uses his brain and quick tongue to avoid being fired and thrown out of the house by Olivia.
  4. If i was the directer of this play in film or on stage it would be hard to decide who will play Feste since he is a very complex character. But i might cast my sister as him or her because she always seems to be able to get out of trouble with our parents. Her costume will look like the clothes of court jesters but without the hat. There will also be many bell sewed on to it. I would also want her to have some mime makeup. Her costume would be red and white.
  5. When feste said” the fool shall look to the madman,” this suggests that Feste might be moving in a way that will indicate that he is joking to match what he is saying. Also the line “thou hast poke for us madonna, as if thy eldest on should be a fool: whose skull Jove cram with brains, for-here he comes-one of thy kin has a most weak pia mater,”shows that Feste is making fun of Sir Toby and his action might simple be rolling his eyes. If i were the director i would want Feste to not really walk but skip around Olivia as he talks, as if to mock her.

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