Love: Men vs. Women

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men and women both can love, be they love in different ways. in my opinion women love a lot more deeply than man do. this may be because they are more sensitive and caring. they also think about love a lot too. but for a man he can be in love one minute and not be the next. they can change who they love without thinking much about it. but they always brag about how much they are n love and how much they love

in twelfth night viola talked about love. i definitely agreed with viola’s point of view when a man brags and says that he is in love but he doesn’t show it. but i don’t agreed that everyone loves like that since everyone is different.

a line from the scene where viola and Cesario talks about love is line 2.4.34-39. the line says that men should love women younger then themselves because a woman’s beauty fades away quickly and if they are too old their husbands will lose interest in them. i like the description and the comparison of a woman’s beauty to that of a rose but i do not like or agreed with what it said. i don’t agreed that just because of a woman’s beauty a man should marry a younger wife, since a woman is not a prize.

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